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Vår strävan är att du ska må ditt allra bästa

Eva-Lotta Ryd
Eva-Lotta RydCEO & Founder
Developing high quality knowledge based business ensuring short-term and long-term clients. Build trust relations with key partners and clients. Maintain a deep knowledge in the field of IFM. Supervise and control all strategic and business activities to ensure the overall strategy and mission.
Christer Staaf
Christer StaafIT manager
Technical account manager, qualified computer technician. Manage information technology and computer systems, ensure security of data, network access and backup systems, set up hardware, install software and maintain networks. CEO @ Staaftech
Isabella Ryd
Isabella RydAdministrator
Administration and socialmedia support, Assit office activities and support bookkeeping procedures.
Anita Carlström
Anita CarlströmFinancial Accountant
Perform year-end close processes. Gather and monitor financial data (e.g. sales revenues and liabilities). CEO @ accounting bureau A & T Carlström Konsult.
Erik Åhrén
Erik ÅhrénMarketing manager
Business development, responsible to monitor the organisation’s market position and the achievement of financial growth. Developing high quality based strategies and plans ensuring short-term and long-term objectives.
Jenny Koos
Jenny KoosJustisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner Educator, Sexual Health Adviser and Supervisor in Fertility Understanding
Co-operative partner, CEO @Vulverine, specialized in women’s reproductive health, contraceptive and abortion history, female anatomy / physiology / reproductive endocrinology, contraceptive counselling, and nutrition for women’s optimal health. Member of AFAP(fertility awareness practitioners).
KOSTFONDENDietary Science Foundation
Company partner. The Dietary Science Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises funds to finance scientific studies about how diet affects health and the possible side effects caused by a change of diet. An important part is to promote large, high-quality studies that can form the basis for new dietary treatment guidelines.
LaboratoriesLabrix, Doctors Data and Nordic laboratories
Labrix, Doctors Data and Nordic laboratories mission are to give individuals the best possible knowledge of how they can improve their health in both the short and long term. Through increased knowledge of health, individuals can take control of their health and make active choices for a healthier life.


Detta är din hälsomottagning på nätet. Funktionsmedicin är ett förebyggande, holistiskt och individualiserat tillvägagångssätt, som syftar till att finna grundorsaken, stödja livskvaliteten och förebygga sjukdom. Varje patient är unik och varje kropp är ett holistiskt system.

All rådgivning och alla hälsotester individanpassas. Vi ger ingen klinisk rådgivning. Om du har akuta hälsoproblem, kontakta sjukvården.

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  • Swish 123 271 71 71

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